NH Lawyers Firm takes part in the first meeting about International Interitance Law organized by the German Association Deutschsprachinger Tisch

1 enero, 2013 Creador por: nhabogados

Last 10th of December at 19 p.m. took place the first meeting about international Inheritance Law organized by the German Association Deutschsprachinger Tisch located at Orihuela Costa.

The goal of that meeting was to discuss about the most common legal issues with international implications that any European resident or not in Spain may have before and after any decease. These issues were, among others, the law that applies to the inheritance and to the will, the place where the assets are located, the habitual residence of the testator and inheritors, inheritance taxation and fiscal obligations, legal exemptions etc.

Also, it was highly recommended to be properly adviced by a qualified lawyer registered in the records of the maximum authority of the Advocacy in Spain called CGAE, “Consejo General de la Abogacía Española”, equivalent to the Law Society in UK, (https://www.ventanillaunicaabogados.org/vup/index.jsp?rvn=1) where are registered all the Spanish Lawyers who are able to act as a Lawyer in Spain, so, anyone who is not listed there is not qualified to act as a lawyer even if they name themselves advisers, legal advisors, legal assistant or even solicitors.

Moreover, it was discussed the new European Law (650/2012 from European Parliament) with regard to international inheritance which will be enforced in 2015. By this time, the law that apply to the inheritance will not be the law of the nationality of the testator as it is regulated by the Spanish Law in general terms (article 9.8 Civil Code) for a now, the law that will apply to the inheritance then will be the law of the country where the testator had the habitual resident. Then all the inheritance laws of the European countries will be adapted to that European Law by 2015.

                                                                            Navarro & Hernández Abogados, 1st January 2013


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