International Child Abduction Law One of the Most Interesting Issues of the First Congress of International Law in Murcia which NH Lawyers Firm took part in.

3 diciembre, 2012 Creador por: nhabogados

Lawyers from different countries of the European Union and South America met at Moneo Buidling in Murcia Town last week to discuss some practical aspects of the most current issues of International Private Law.

One of the most interesting issues discussed was the International Child Abduction Law of the Hague Convention that applies to the 88 Countries which are party of the Convention. The treaty was drafted to ensure the quick return of children who have been abducted from their country of habitual residence. That Convention provides to all the contracting states the legal proceedings to return the children back to their habitual resident country in a maximum time of six weeks since the time of the beginning of the process. United Kingdom is one the countries that apply with efficiency that treaty and Spain is one of the less efficient countries in the application of that law.

Carolina Marín from Dawnson Corwell and Dennis Beuthner among other colleagues were some of the speakers of the Congress.

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